Machine details

  • Storage ID 1139-00330
  • Category Balancing Machine
  • Make TIRA
  • Type K 3B
  • Build year 2005
  • Control NC
  • Location Zella-Mehlis
  • Origin Germany
  • Delivery terms immediately
  • Quotation ex Works
  • Price

Technical details

  • workpiece weightmax. 3 kg
  • workpiece length40 - 500 mm
  • diameter80 mm
  • turning speedsmax. 3000 U/min
  • connected load frequency230V 50Hz
  • total power requirement0,5 kW
  • weight of the machine ca.220 kg
  • dimensions of the machine ca.1 x 1,5 x 2 m


We offer a small, modern balancing machine for motor anchors of the type TIRA K 3B. This machine, built in 2005, is now in November 2022 complete overhauled from specialists and can be inspected under power. The machine is calibrated and with DIN ISO Master Rotor tested and we have acceptance protocol accorting DIN VDE 0113. It can be balanced with the system in 2 levels. The balancing software is TIRA X9000 WIN. There is an operating manual for this. The balancing machine offered with machine number R08/05 821165 has one Aluminum table with a length of 260mm and clamping fixtures for shorter shafts. The rotation is running with 2 drive belts. The height of the clamping center is 90mm above the table. The maximum rotor diameter is 80mm. The bearing point diameter is between 20-50mm. The entire table has a support length of 600mm. The system is equipped with a protective device according to DIN45690. The system has the CE mark. The device comes with 4 vibration feet and a power storage APC Back-UPS ES550. Supplied with the machine is a control PC, monitor, keyboard and pneumatic installation for labor protection. If necessary, experiences or training courses can be exchanged by our balancing technology specialist (calculated according to expenditure). Come to Zella-Mehlis for inspection and testing of the general overhauled machine.

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#1139-00330 - Balancing Machine TIRA K 3B